Mediation Support and Preparation Coaching

Welcome! I understand that entering the mediation process is both intimidating and unfamiliar. Whether your mediation is court ordered or not, you are entering a system in which you may have minimal experience, and you want to increase your confidence during the negotiation. If you’re a client seeking to be well-prepared for mediation with clear direction and in need of support during this challenging time, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve hired a fantastic attorney to handle the legal aspects of your divorce case. They excel at navigating the complexities of the law, ensuring your case progresses from point A to point B. Meanwhile, my role is to focus on preparing you for the mediation process. I’ll guide you through every step, ensuring you fully understand the process and what’s essential for you to negotiate in order to settle your case successfully. The ultimate goal is to reach an agreement and avoid litigation. Additionally, I’ll be there to help you navigate the emotional aspects of divorce, providing the support you need during this challenging time. While your attorney focuses on the legal side of things, I’ll focus on preparing you to achieve the best possible outcome in your mediation.

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Benefits For The Client

  • Understanding of the Mediation process, paperwork, structure, and goals. Documents organized and ready.
  • Focus  and prioritization of key interests and needs.
  • Confidence to engage in the negotiation.
  • Managing emotions to maintain composure and approach.
  • Clearer calmer mindset.
  • Client is emotionally supported and heard.
  • Less dependent on attorney time and cost.
  • Creative problem solving with rational mindset.
  • Possible proposals for settlement, Best Alternatives and Worst Alternatives.
  • Empowered participation and self-determined results.
  • Customized approach to your case.
  • Managed expectations. 
  • Balance potential power imbalance.
  • Saves time and money when settled in mediation vs litigation.

Benefits For The Attorney

  • Clients are well prepared to articulate their Interests.
  • Improved settlement outcomes and track record.
  • Focus more on your legal strategy and representation.
  • Organized and prepared  clients negotiate better.
  • Realistic expectations and compliance.
  • Builds client- attorney relationship and trust.
  • Proposals for settlement, BATNA WATNA.
  • Improved client understanding of the process.
  • Client receives the emotional support they need.