Feel Good

About Yourself

“I reached out to Sharon, and I was immediately blown away by her caring nature. Feeling in a vulnerable state, I was relieved that it was evident that Sharon’s main focus was to  help me in anyway that she could see possible. I felt that she not only listened to what I had to say, but she asked questions so she could get a better understanding of the big picture. I wanted perspective, and I wanted honesty. Sharon knew there would be some things that would be tough for me to hear, but nonetheless she also knew I needed to hear them to move forward in a positive direction. She was very timely in her response and that reassured me that she is reliable. Her main priority was to help a complete stranger, and I am so thankful for her kindness. Sometimes it’s hard asking for help and inviting someone into your mess, but I am so glad I reached out to Sharon! I feel hopeful, and now I have a clear perspective to make better decisions for myself. “ Brooke L


Life Coaching will help you clear your thinking, make important connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You  will gain a fresh, informed perspective on problems that you face and correct negative unproductive patterns that are standing in the way of your success. We clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, we will target your unique skills and strengths. I provide the support and tools you need to achieve long-lasting change.

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The life, mood, and success you want to achieve comes down to this: It is you, against you.  Coaching bravery isn’t a pep talk or woo woo. It is a safe space to examine your life. My training as a Certified Master Coach and Mediator helps me to ask you the right questions that will guide you to dig deeper and problem solve. To help you adopt your own life approach, principles and beliefs. You will think about your situation in a new way.  I encourage your dreams, as you allay your fears. I am your guide and collaborator to help you achieve the life you want. It is freeing.

I am that safe person you can talk to, who won’t judge. I am trustworthy. I help you uncover the answer that is in you. I see you as whole and capable. At the same time, I am able to view your life from your perspective. I see you.

I ask the right questions and hear the meaning behind your words. I can see the real problem, the real opportunity and the real situation. I can offer tools for solutions that are client based. Solutions that last.


How a Coaching Bravery call can help:

Calm and clear your mind

Make decisions

Release pent-up feelings and everyday stress

Reduces rumination

Promotes action

Reduces anxiety and negative thoughts

Enhances your self-awareness and improves improved patterns of thinking

Provides tools for problem solving

Gain a sense of self, solidify your identity and authenticity

Promotes creative thinking that expands your options

Move towards your goals, helping you bring your vision to life

Certified Professional Coach Certified Master Coach