Confrontation: Face to face meeting to discuss two opposing viewpoints.

The only time we want to have a confrontation is when we want to become closer.

If you don’t want to get closer, then why engage. We want to make nice and handle things and be pleasing. Staying and trying to work it out even after we see the red flags of toxic behavior. Yes, sometimes we need to say our peace, but we want to say it in a way where we are not trying to win or to be right or get revenge.

Just to express yourself.

Say “I want to let you know my experience…” Stating your experience is not something that anyone can legitimately argue or criticize. They will try. But it is your experience. Peace out after the first red flag not 10 red flags. Spend your life and time working with those you want to be with and who reciprocate. Ask yourself before you engage…Would you rather be right or happy? A tip for you to manage those tricky personal and workplace relationships. Sharon Dolak Coaching Bravery

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