Even the Smallest

Step Will Make

a Difference

We love our family, respect our professional relationships and like our friends,  and still disagreements are going to happen. People wrestle with conflict all the time in different ways. We intend to sit down, knee to knee to try to resolve the issue, talk it out, and manage the situation. Alternatively, we think we can ignore it even though the undercurrent is so palpable. The event and aftermath creep into our  everyday thoughts and it feels unshakeable. Stuck in this endless loop, we are left feeling angry, powerless, hurt and frustrated. Understandably, dreading the next interaction. The struggle can last a very long time, scorching more earth until the relationship eventually is broken beyond repair.

The first thing to understand is that you are not alone. Being stuck in conflict is prevalent among the greatest leaders, strongest families and the best of friends. Secondly realize you are in a pattern that may need outside help to stop the cycle.  Be encouraged knowing that it only takes one person to change up the pattern to bring forth change when two people are locked in a persistent battle.

Freeing your life and relationships from habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting which have you locked in your conflict loop, will be an amazing, liberating moment in time for you.