About Sharon

 “Sharon has an unusual ability to analyze a process or situation, especially those involving human interactions, getting quickly to the heart of the matter, then facilitating positive change for individuals and groups. She is perceptive, passionate about working with people, and constructive and effective in every interaction.  Sharon demonstrates an ability to communicate and relate to others in a way that was challenging, supportive, and highly effective for her clients, who quickly responded to her insights, sincerity and encouragement. “-R Sheehan 

Hello and welcome!

I am Sharon Dolak. I have been a Life Coach, Conflict Resolution Coach, Mediator, and Career Transition Coach since 2006.

Career Transition Coaching

I work with clients who want to change careers completely to seasoned professionals looking identify and navigate their next career move. Have a business idea? I help clients take their dream idea of a business and make it a reality. With my listening, questioning skills, and training we identify your interests, financial needs, transferrable skills and barriers to achieving your next career move.

Life Coaching

There are just some life issues that don’t fall under a category.

Individual Conflict Coaching

Conflict and communications issues happen in all areas of life. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and difficult conversations are a given. Relationships are fractured from cyclical arguing patterns. Unresolved issues in your personal life will prevent you from deepening your important relationships. In your professional life, chronic unresolved issues have a profound effect on your performance as a leader. Difficulty in managing issues in your personal and professional life is a recipe for increased stress and low performance. The conflict resolution and communication skills I have learned in my mediation and coaching training, can help you navigate and resolve your developing or chronic issue.

Before, During and After Divorce or Breakup Support Coaching

As a mediator, I have some insights to offer on how you can navigate, survive and even thrive during the emotional difficult time of a break up.

Couples Coaching to Stay Together

For when couples are having normal day to day struggles in communicating and making decisions in an equitable way. I facilitate the conversation so they hear and understand each other defuse the tension and mistrust. Learn how to talk about the issues that no one wants to talk about so they can come to an agreement on the issues. This is not appropriate when there is Physical abuse.

Organizational/Workplace Employee Relations

The workplace structure is complex and comprise of people from diverse backgrounds who have different opinions, values and expectations. I offer workplace mediation which is an informal, step by step process that quickly resolves developing or chronic disagreements between all levels of the organization.


Life Coach: Martha Beck Coaching – 2005 

Career Direction Coaching – 2005

Mediation Basic: Texas Women’s University – 2006

Workplace Mediation and Arbitration: Mediators Without Borders- 2013

Mediation Family: Mediation Dynamics – 2013

Arbitration: Manousso Mediation and Arbitration, LLC – 2020